I’m officially Free…

Warning I just Quit Smoking Neon Light Sign

Today, marks my first month being free.  Yes, I am SMOKE free.  I ceased to suck in nicotine-filled puff on the night of January 30th, 2015.  I am celebrating today because I no longer crave for it.  It’s weird actually.  Let me tell you my story.


It was a Friday night,  I was about to start my work shift.  I just finished my bath.  I made my “morning” coffee, sat in front of my computer and reached for a stick of cigarette.  This is my “morning” routine, (except that it’s 9 PM instead of a 9AM coffee).  So anyway, as mentioned I reached for a stick and, ‘lo and behold there wasn’t any! I was already in my most comfortable work clothes, my boxers and a tank top, (I work from home) and like I said, I was just out of the bathroom meaning I’m all clean and nice smelling and I didn’t want to change clothes again and go out and I don’t have anyone to ask a favor from.

So, I remember just shrugging it off and saying to myself, “Well, let’s see if I can make it through a work day without a smoke.”  I had a plan brewing in mind, just in case I can’t make it, because I know I usually can’t.  I will have to wake one of my daughters up in the most ungodly hour, just to escort me to the nearest 24 hour store about 2-3 minutes away, on foot and 1 minute away on a tricycle ride.  But we’d be lucky if there are tricycles around at that time.

And you know what?  I didn’t even get a hot-head about not having to smoke that day.  Didn’t fidget nor craved for it.  At the end of my shift and when everyone was already awake, I didn’t even thought of asking anyone to buy me some.  That was really awesome, wasn’t it?  I thought that I can push this a little further. “Why don’t I just go to sleep the whole day and wake up when it’s time for my shift again and see if I’d crave for a stick after that.”  And so I did my plan and voila! when I woke up to start work, I didn’t even thought about it.  No kidding.  I was as dumbfounded as I ever could be.

And since then, I haven’t smoke a stick.  I have crossed out the days on my calendar wanting to just document up until when I can go without a cigarette.  There were times during the whole month of February that I felt like taking a stick, especially since my partner is smoking around me and we have friends coming over who smoke too but I just close my eyes and pray real hard, asking “Him” to be with me because I didn’t want to start smoking again and I know “He” strengthens me because I get over it without breaking a sweat.

In that whole month, or about a week after I stopped smoking, I had the most painful withdrawal ever, I’ve had headaches — but those are bearable as I have migraine and that’s much worse.  What I had was something I cannot tolerate, I had mouth ulcers all over.  And it’s not just one or two but a lot.  I can’t eat anything.  I can’t talk that much.  I had to gargle and put painful medications.  And worst, it went on for almost two weeks.  I read somewhere and the article mentioned that if you’re trying to quit smoking, mouth ulcers may be a result of your body dealing with the change in the chemicals in your body.  Studies show that it is true and affects 2 out of 5 quitters.  I thought, hey I dealt with C-section pains, I can deal with this and it’s not going to be forever.

And true enough before my one month mark without a cigarette, my mouth ulcers were all healed.  And together with my health and fitness advocacy at this time, I think I’m off to a healthier and sexier future.  My kids were all so happy that I finally quit smoking..although they are the recipients of my tantrum escapades most of time, I just ask them to be patient with me as my body is still adjusting to the fact that it’s not going to get nicotine or any other chemicals from a cigarette, not now…not ever.

I am a fully satisfied woman to this date.  I have engaged in physical activities too and it’s so overwhelming that I’m not feeling out of breath after going down a 13-step stairs twice or even thrice and then walking about 2 to 3 kilometer destination as well and oh, playing badminton for 1 hour non-stop.  It’s great isn’t it?  I hope I can continue to be free moving forward and influence my partner to do the same thing.  We’ll see.  Breathe in….breathe out.


One thought on “I’m officially Free…”

  1. Congrats on one month! I’m 4.5 days into quitting and looking to support and find support as well. I feel good, physically, except for being a bit emotional. I’m hanging in there though!

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