Starting Over Again

This is it.  I can’t believe how I’m so ready to start to be fit and healthy.  I haven’t published my other blog yet.  But just for documentation purposes…I have not smoked a single stick, not even a puff of cigarette for exactly 16 days now…this may not be too big a deal for other peeps but for chain smokers like me…you know that this is a major deal.

So there.  Since I haven’t smoked since, I decided not to wait for Chinese New Year and start my journey to weight loss and being healthy, right away.  February 9th, 2015 marks my first day to sweat it.  The whole week prior to the 9th, I was out buying stuff to start this out.  And this:


Me and my partner even had a dry run at the nearest Badminton Center for our cardio bit and will be working out a budget so that we would “bike” our way to and from the Badminton Center every other day.  And I can’t believe how fun and easy it was to play badminton for an hour without having to feel my lungs burning.  I swear…my breathing gets really tight after 2 runs on our 13-steps stairs at home but since I dropped the cigs…I can’t explain it but I felt the difference.

So, here are the major things that I’ve done for myself.  I also started ditching the rice, pasta and all that carbs.  No more fastfood restos and the likes.  I weighed in before doing everything, so I was 135 pounds, that’s 61.23 kg and I’m a 5 feet flat lady.  You do the math.

I feel kind of exhiliarated as I embark on this journey.  I have a whole board on Pinterest to post photos and all that, so here it is …so i will not forget.  Okay so this is the first documentation of my weight loss and be fit journey.  I am going to try to post on a weekly basis to track myself down and write it every Friday then.

Goodluck to me and my partner.  On the way to being fit and healthy.


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