I promise me


Okay, here’s what I’ve been wanting to do since midyear 2014. I had the chance to start, by only eating greens and chicken breast and pure meat at times, dropped the rice and all the carb rich (yummy) foods. Successfully shut Coca Cola out of my system and only drink black coffee with cinnamon.

I failed again come the holiday season…the food here, there, they’re everywhere. The invites for eat outs and meet ups and Starbucks moments were endless and I guess, no…I KNOW I gained whatever little pounds I lost. I know the New Year would be the best time to come around and get that resolution going but I had a couple more obstacles, this time work related that I just didn’t have the time to think about it.

So, since it’s still the early part of the new year and I have the Chinese New Year coming just around the corner, I decided to really start the promise I bestowed upon myself and this time I am making sure to get into the habit and lose some of the vices on the side while I’m at it. I am not getting any younger and the earlier I start doing the fit thing, the better.

Oh, and I’m writing a blog about this simply because, two things. Either I stand true with my promise to myself or I fail and start the journey all over again. And seeing that in black and white is like a paper weight on a contract that is binding me to myself. And so I want to remind myself also, of something I once read somewhere… NEVER COMPARE YOUR JOURNEY WITH SOMEONE ELSE’S. YOUR JOURNEY IS YOUR JOURNEY, NOT A COMPETITION. – Author Unknown. So whether I lose to this promise or keep this promise, I will have to deal with myself.

So, I thought about the best plan, Googled strategic plan to start and make my own regimen that would best suit my lifestyle. You see I’m a nocturnal being…alive and kicking as soon as the sun sets and well…I am also productive during the day time…let’s see…hmmm…then I should just say I’m a workaholic not because of the joys of working but because of the NEED. So that makes my planning a little more complicated.

Step one. Let me list the deadly obstacles to fulfilling my promise to me.
• I work graveyard shift 9PM to 6AM (regular work)
• I work again, usually from 11AM to 8PM (other job) I sleep in between or play FB games or solitaire (boring)
• I’m almost a one-pack-a-day smoker
• I drink instant 3-in-one coffee about 2-3 times when I’m working, sum it up 6 cups in a 24 hour timeframe
• I don’t eat regular meals, but when I do, I eat too much
• I work from home so I have minimal walking, standing, moving moments. And work 7 days a week.
• I’m back to eating chips and all that junk.
• I hate drinking water, makes me puke.
• Fast food is a favorite meal especially because they’re the only ones delivering during the wee hours of the morning.

It shouldn’t be too hard to break for some of those habits listed there some may say, but you know what? It is a struggle or more than a struggle if you ask me. So that’s why I need strategic planning but more than that, discipline, will power, dedication, hard work and focus are the traits I’m mostly praying for before I start this journey, yet again.

So, I’m currently in the process of putting my regimen and diet and activities/exercises all together and also trying to fix my budget, yes, budget because healthy food price are sky rocketing that’s why I need to put my finances round and about to make this work. I will leave this piece of writing with just a little unfinished, to be continued, i-hope-there’s-more-to-come article at the moment and return to it once the plan is set to launch and make that promise into fruition.
I will make this work. Moving on to Google for now.


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