How the UNFRIEND button on FB changed me!


“545 friends” isn’t a lot compared to some I know with more than 1,000 friends. But I woke up today with nothing to do so I decided to clean up my FB “friends” list. I didn’t know that i’m in for a surprise!

Going through my facebook friends, I learned that:

1, There’s a star for your closest friends (i know, i’m not tech savvy…don’t judge me! lol) and these star let’s you know every feeling, every thought, every triumphs and sometimes even failures, everything they’ve done in a day and you get happy, excited, sometimes jealous, mad, indignant, you agree and you don’t, but that gives you a reason to reach out and say “hey, what happened?”, “I’m so happy for you” and best of all, “we need to catch up” and “let’s meet up”. I have about 10-15 starred friends, and i’m sure I won’t send out 10-15 text messages every single day to ask how these starred friends are nor will I lift a finger and dial a home number to 10-15 closest friends every day.(Except that I do, because that’s my job and those aren’t friends, they’re customers!. So…you get my point!)

2. As I go through the rest of the thumbnail of smiling, pouting or duck-faced? or sparrow-faced?…whatever face, made-up, funny, professionally-photographed pictures of these so called friends, I started recalling how and when we met and how we became friends. And my “A-ha” moments get the better of me and started going through their timelines, “this is a friend from my previous work”, “this is a friend of a friend’s I met at a party and how we hit it off instantly”, “this was my gradeschool classmate”, “this one’s in highschool, how did she get so fat!”, “this one’s my bestfriend’s ex, and how he looked super hot now!”, “this used to be a girl, look at her err him now!”, “this was my a-hole boss, but he’s such a sweet dad!”, “I had a crush on this one, now I wonder why?”, “He used to be so tall!”, “they’re not together anymore?”, “she’s married!”, “this was my farmville, cafe life, candy cursh friends from all over the world!” and I can go on and on.

3. Then I see thumbnails of body parts, tattoos, cats, dogs, cars, houses, sunset, sunrise, places, coffee, shoes, food and everything else you can take a photo of. It took time to place a name on a face or a face to a name (especially if it’s a body part or…yeah!) and then I go through their timeline and number 2, starts happening all over again.

I got all through the 545 lists of friends in 5 hours and a half. I realized it wasn’t just their timeline I was able to go through, but I had a 5 hour and half journey of my life. The people’s lives I went through today are a part of mine. These people are at some point in my life made me feel thankful for what I have, made me want to do more in achieving my goals, made me feel confident, made me see the things I need to change for myself, taught me how to be free, gave me knowledge, have been teaching me lessons in life by letting me take a look at what they’re experiencing now and learning from it, made me think out of the box in accepting things that aren’t as normal as what I’ve known “normal” to be, made me broken for a time but also encouraged me to fix things up, made me cry at some point because some friends, I learned while going through the list are no longer here to make any comment on a bad thing you posted because they’re already in heaven and doesn’t need facebook to take a look at yours.

Out of 545 friends, I’m down to 492. I “unfriended” those people whose facebooks no longer exists or have been replaced with a newer one. I realized that any one person we meet along the way and you’ve gotten to the point that you exchanged addresses to add on facebook, deserves a spot on my friends list or just because you didn’t get the chance to ask but realized you have a mutual connection deserves to be there too. I didn’t think I had that many friends in real life because my usual constant companions are the starred ones…but I was wrong to think otherwise. I can’t wait to add more up people on my list of friends and see what it’s going to be 5 years from now.

Thank you for the lookback FB, I loved mine to the T, but your “UNFRIEND” button deserves the limelight for me.


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