Deal or No Deal???

What’s the deal with these deals? vouchers, coupon sites and the like. I bought a coupon voucher for “unlimited wart removal” through this site called Metrodeal. This is a local site in the Philippines, i’m not sure if other countries can also purchase anything from this site mostly because the deals like restaurants, clinics, and other stuff are based in the Philippines. This is the first time I bought something for aesthetic purposes and honestly, scares the hell out of me. I bought the voucher back in December. The deal, as stated in the voucher, you would need to call in 3 days prior to your desired date for the procedure for reservation. Finally, i got the nerve to send them a text message and got myself scheduled on Monday, February 11, 2013 at 2:00 pm hassle free. The message I got was not something that I expected though. According to the person named Connie, the aesthetician would need to assess everything first because I might need to shell out money for antibiotics. 

I attached a copy of the voucher, which clearly says that it is an unlimited wart removal for the price of 299 Php either on the face or neck area. (that’s 7.36 USD converted, I know it’s cheap that’s why i’m scared too.) 

ImageOkay, I understand that part where it says that it includes skin analysis whatever. I would appreciate that too, but i thought, of course they would need to look at it first before zapping away, right? I text messaged Connie again asking for a ball park figure of how much I would need to shell out. She said 750 Php (18.42 USD) just for antibiotics. So, if you sum up the whole deal that’s 1,049 PHP (25.77 USD) so much for the 299 Php (but i also knew there was a catch). I realized, if i’m going to use the company issued HMO (health/medical card) I would only shell out 500 Php (12.28 USD) and my face will be wart free too. Wait, there’s more…I text messaged connie again, I wanted to know if I can just ask for a prescription instead of me buying the antibiotic from them (i’m sure it’s going to be cheaper in local pharmacy) and connie replied with she would need to ask the aesthetician first.  

Oh well, I still have 2 days and a half to think about it. I’m afraid that if I decide not to buy anything from them I’m doomed to be murdered by cauterization….



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