Internet and all it’s glory!!!!

i could never have imagined being able to talk to someone miles and miles away from me with just a click of a button, would you? well, if you’re the 20th century baby, you would probably think everything is possible. but for me, growing up in the world of snail mail (you need to buy a stamp or else they won’t deliver), where you would need to wait almost a month to receive a letter from a friend or a relative from out of state is something else. Having friends from outside of the country you live in is so tedious back in the good old days. But mind you, patience and loyalty are the traits being tested back then. It’s a wonder though, because i can’t remember how in the world did i ever had a “pen pal”…remember that term? A pal whom you’ve never personally met, but you write to each other every now and then? (using a pen and a paper…get it? Pen Pal?) so, i had a couple of “pen pals” in my younger years and up until this time, i’ll never guess whatever happened to them. But thanks to the next best thing since sliced bread, i can actually search for them and maybe rekindle the lost moments. i’d probably do that and blog about it again. 

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