As I lay me down to sleep

When slowly the night falls, all I can ever think of is the feeling of being alone. Unconsciously, I long for the smell that reminds me of a refreshing bath. Then I look around and notice that there aren’t any strewn clothes I would need to tidy up. No unruly bed covers I need to excessively remind someone to fix. No one to fight over the laptop. I have all the time in the world to tend to my farm. There’s no one reflected in the mirror in front of me every time I take a peak. Lonesome. Nobody asking me for something to eat or I need a drink or can we watch something else? There’s not even an angry voice echoing in my head telling me to stop whatever i’m doing and rest for a while, cuddle up a bit. But as I lay me down to sleep tonight, I’d close my eyes and feel your arms around me and your love embracing me. Can’t wait for the day you’ll be home. Image

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