The truth about failing relationships

Disclaimer: Everything that you’re about to read is based on my own personal perspective and  experiences. Some may look like I’m talking about you or you may think that i heard your story from someone one way or another but this is not always about you…this is about me! 

The truth about failing relationships or should i write, the truth about MY failed relationships are a typical breed. First, I don’t believe in the saying “what you don’t know won’t hurt you”, baloney! In my past relationship which ended about 5 years ago, that’s the mantra “he” used to follow. Didn’t even occur to him that the hills have eyes, gossips spread like wild flower and that news can reach me at the fastest speed he can ever imagine…gets home before he does! Next is the part wherein the gossiped person denies with all his might whatever story the wind has blown to the front door. So there, the most essential part of a relationship has been broken, Trust. Irreparable, irreplaceable and hard earned trust. Now everything else seems so little compared to a broken trust, correct? Hell, yeah! But, I bet you’ll agree with me when I say there are more than 1 “second chances”. It can go up to as many as “forever second chances”, because at some point we also question our own worth in a relationship. Then we go to the second on my list why my past relationship failed. Silence. Keeping your mouth shut, i found out, is never a good thing especially when you wanted so bad to say something and you just stood there and say nothing? Yes, it’s true in my case too that nagging is a no no. I can only understand why the recipient of the most hurting words can just put up a wall and be still like a statue as if you’re not even there. Hello? How are we supposed to end a fight without talking? But the true sense of what i’m trying to drive at is, what if the hurting words are over? what if I wanted to say I’m sorry? or what if I wanted to really take back every hurtful word I’ve said and just ask you to forgive me and to start over, this time without the spite? I learned that I have to say it out loud or else things will be out of hand. Third is the press release “you’re forgiven” but deep inside, “i’m-gonna-let-this-go-now-but-you’ll-never-hear-the-end-of-this” thought lingering. This is the part where “let’s not bring the past time anymore” song lyrics is playing on my mind. Bringing the past can never ever ever help in a relationship, but like what i used to say, there will never be a past to bring up if we fixed it at that moment. True? Absolutely!!!  Then last but not the least, honesty. Most often than not, we tend to forget that we have a partner for a reason. Now, keeping all problems to yourself is not healthy. May it be financial, emotional or spiritual. I learned that no matter how deep the problem may be, if you have someone, things may not be so bad. So there, i summed up all reasons I can think of why my past relationship failed. I am on a journey again, I can’t say I’m perfect. Who knows, some of these things are happening all over again, but now i’m confident that I can say, it’s just going to be a breeze. Next time, I might just be talking about the truth about successful relationships. 

2 thoughts on “The truth about failing relationships”

  1. we all learn through our failed relationships and hopefully grow from them – I hope that things get easier for you and eventually you are in a place where the relationship you are in gives u what you need as equally (or as close to possible) as it takes.

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